Wednesday, April 08, 2020





July 13-18, 2020

Renaissance Montgomery Convention Center

201 Tallapoosa Street • Montgomery, AL  36104




Online Registration is Closed. Only Onsite Registration Will Be Accepted.

●Expo Information

    Expo Information

    Application/Contract (mail-in)

    Application/Contract (online click here)

    Expo Booth Floor Plan

    Booth Display Specifications

    General Rules and Regulations

    Memo/Breakfast Reservations



●General Information

    Schedule of Events by Day

    Hotel Information          

    Prostate Cancer Screening Clinic


●Golf and Cookout Information

    Golf and Cookout Information

    Golf Registration Form


●Coaching Schools Information

    Baseball Coaching School

    Basketball Coaching School

    Cheerleader Coaching School (AACCA

      registration form ONLY)

    Football Coaching School

    Soccer Coaching School

    Softball Coaching School

    Track & Field Coaching School

    Volleyball Coaching School

    Wrestling Coaching School


●Rules Clinics

    Rules Clinics Schedule


●New Coaches Orientation Clinic

    New Coaches Orientation Clinic Information


●AD/Principals Summer Conference

    (High/Junior/Middle Schools) (Mandatory

    School Representation)

   Conference Schedule


●Officials Conference

    Conference Schedule

    Officials Luncheon Information


●Luncheons/Awards Banquet Information

    Awards Banquet Information     

    FCA Luncheon Information


●Education Courses Information

    CAA Exam Information

    Leadership Training Courses Information

    Summer Conference PLU Information

    PLU Completion Verification Sheet         

    PREPARE Sport First Aid Registration Form ONLY

     (Must register for Summer Conference)

    School Bus Recertification Information


●Player Information/Games Information

    Teams Report

    Games Times & Sites


    North/South Coaches

    AUM Campus Map


●Player Media Guide

    Interview Policy

    Working Media Information

    Baseball Coaches Information

    Baseball Rosters and Player Information

    Basketball Coaches Information

    Basketball Rosters and Player Information (Girls)

    Basketball Rosters and Player Information (Boys)

    Football Coaches Information

    Football Rosters and Player Information

    Soccer Coaches Information     

    Soccer Rosters and Player Information (Girls)

    Soccer Rosters and Player Information (Boys)

    Softball Coaches Information    

    Softball Rosters and Player Information

    Volleyball Coaches Information

    Volleyball Rosters and Player Information

    Practice Sites for All Sports


●State Championship Coaches

●Lemak Award Winners

●Sportsmanship Award Winners

●Making A Difference Award Winners

●NFHS Coaches Association Award Winners

●Coaches Children Scholarship Award Winners

●Dead Week for Camps, Summer Practice