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Southside Girls, Thompson Boys Earn Top Seeds for Friday’s State Bowling Championship Round

Thursday’s Results Determine Seeding for Friday’s Championship Bracket

PELHAM – Three-time defending AHSAA State Girls’ Bowling Champion Southside-Gadsden rolled a state-tournament record high team series (2,719) in Thursday’s first round of the 5th AHSAA State Bowling Championships at Pelham’s Oak Mountain Lanes. However, don’t expect the Lady Panthers to be over-confident heading into Friday’s single-elimination head-to-head Baker format championship bracket.
    Why?  South Regional champion Thompson also broke the previous state record (2,631) set by the Warriors in 2018 with a 2,670 total Thursday – just 49 pins behind the leaders. The two schools earned the No. 1 and No. 2 seeds heading into Friday’s competition – and a possible rematch in the state finals. Southside edged the Warriors by just three pins to win the 2019 state title.
     Third seed Stanhope Elmore also surpassed the previous record with a 2,651 series.
     Coach Zachary Blume’s Panthers will open Friday’s first round of team play against No. 16 seed St. Clair County, and Thompson will face No. 15 seed Hokes Bluff. Stanhope Elmore meets Dothan in the first round Friday morning. All first-round matches in the girls’ and boys’ competition will begin at 8 a.m. 
     In the boys’ competition Thursday, Thompson had a three-game series 2,982 to grab the top seed for Friday’s play. Defending state champion Vestavia Hills totaled 2,957 pins to finish a close second in Thursday’s traditional play and earned second seed. Sparkman and Hillcrest-Tuscaloosa were right behind with 2,938 and 2,866 totals to earn third and fourth seeds.
    The Warriors will face Northridge in the first round of the championship bracket Friday morning, the Rebels will meet East Limestone; the Senators will face Southside-Gadsden; and the Patriots will meet Stanhope Elmore.
    Stanhope Elmore’s girls set a new state tournament record with a 1,039 total in the second round for the high team total of Thursday’s competition. Vestavia Hills’ boys rolled a 1,026 in the second round Thursday – just 11 pins shy of the record set by the Rebels at the 2017 state tourney.
    Sparkman’s Cole Arsenault had a three-traditional-game series
244-253-224—711 to lead the boys’ individual competition Thursday. Thompson’s Jacob Acker, who had a high game of 280 in the second round, was second with a 168-280-237—685 total. Arsenault’s series ties for third best in state tourney history and is tied for 6th in AHSAA bowling playoff history. Joe Renfro of Oak Mountain rolled a 284 in the third round for the top single game of the day. Renfro’s 284 is second only to Jon Kilgo’s perfect 300 round for Gadsden City in the 2016 state tourney. Acker’s 280 in the second round is third-best all-time in post-season play.
   Thompson’s Gracie Connelly rolled a 233-239-167—639 series to capture top honors in the girls’ traditional play Thursday. Her series ranks third best in state-tourney play and fourth overall in AHSAA playoff history. Grace Ann Clontz of Southside had a 225-183-203—611 series to finish 28 pins behind Connellly, and Meghan Best of Stanhope Elmore rolled 185-243-173—601 to finish third. Her 243 game in round two was the high for the girls. Connelly’s 239 in the same round was second.
    Complete first-day team and individual results and Friday’s single-elimination 16-team team championship brackets for each division can be found at in the in-season results bowling second on the front page of the website.
    Play gets underway Friday at 8 a.m., with four rounds of competition concluding with the state finals at approximately 4 p.m.

Friday’s Championship Bracket
First-Round Pairings (Baker Format)

Single elimination team play starts at 8 a.m. Finals are set for approximately 4 p.m.
GIRLS’ Bracket
No. 16 seed St. Clair County vs. No. 1 seed Southside-Gadsden
No. 9 seed Hewitt-Trussville vs. No. 8 seed Hazel Green
No. 12 seed Vestavia Hills vs. No. 5 seed Spain Park
No. 13 seed Pelham vs. No. 4 seed Sparkman

No. 14 seed Dothan vs. No. 3 seed Stanhope Elmore
No. 11 seed Gulf Shores vs. No. 6 seed Baker
No. 10 seed American Christian vs. No. 7 seed Hartselle
No. 15 seed Hokes Bluff vs. No. 2 seed Thompson

BOYS’ Bracket
No. 16 seed Northridge vs. No. 1 seed Thompson
No. 9 seed Corner vs. No. 8 seed Gadsden City
No. 12 seed Hoover vs. No. 5 seed Hewitt-Trussville
No. 13 seed Stanhope Elmore vs. No. 4 seed Hillcrest-Tuscaloosa

No. 14 seed Southside-Gadsden vs. No. 3 seed Sparkman
No. 11 seed Spain Park vs. No. 6 seed Auburn
No. 10 seed Mary Montgomery vs. No. 7 seed Oak Mountain
No. 15 seed East Limestone vs. No. 2 seed Vestavia Hills


GIRLS’ TEAM SCORING (3 traditional games)
Southside-Gadsden         2,719
Thompson                        2,670
Stanhope Elmore            2,651
Sparkman                        2,412
Spain Park                       2,212
Baker                                2,184
Hartselle                          2,156
Hazel Green                     2,134
Hewitt-Trussville             2,101
American Christian         1,953
Gulf Shores                      1,926
Vestavia Hills                   1,912
Pelham                             1,869
Dothan                             1,852
Hokes Bluff                      1,814
St. Clair County               1,801

Stanhope Elmore            1,039 (second round)
Southside-Gadsden            951 (second round)
Thompson                           946 (second round)
Southside-Gadsden            921 (first round)
Sparkman                           894 (third round)

BOYS’ TEAM SCORING (3 traditional games)
Thompson                        2,982
Vestavia Hills                   2,957
Sparkman                        2,938
Hillcrest-Tuscaloosa        2,866
Hewitt-Trussville             2,828
Auburn                             2,806
Oak Mountain                 2,798
Gadsden City                   2,781
Corner                              2,770
Mary Montgomery         2,745
Spain Park                       2,704
Hoover                             2,700
Stanhope Elmore            2,648
Southside-Gadsden         2,524
East Limestone                2,497
Northridge                       2,257   

Vestavia Hills                   1,026 (second round)
Thompson                        1,019 (first round)
Oak Mountain                 1,011 (third round)
Hewitt-Trussville             1,010 (first round)
Hillcrest-Tuscaloosa        1,009 (first round)

Top 5 Series

Gracie Connelly, Thompson                      233-239-167—639
Grace Ann Clontz, Southside                     225-183-203—611
Meghan Best, Stanhope Elmore               185-243-173—601
Ashlee Hull, Southside                               197-237-151—585
Kacey Marshal, Stanhope Elmore             182-227-167—576

Gracie Connelly, Thompson                      233
Grace Ann Clontz, Southside                     225
McKenzie Skelton, American Christian    199
Alexis Anderson, Spain Park                      198
Ashlee Hull, Southside                               197
Meghan Best, Southside                            243
Gracie Connelly, Thompson                      239
Ashlee Hull, Southside                               237
Kacey Marshal, Stanhope Elmore             227
Samantha Wilson, Stanhope Elmore        206
Angela Webber, Sparkman                       213
Emily Lindsey, Sparkman                           211
Evie Baum, Baker                                       209
Jillian Hulsey, Thompson                           205
Daylin Tolgo, Sparkman                             204

Top 5 Series

Cole Arsenault, Sparkman                         244-253-224—711
Jacob Acker, Thompson                             168-280-237—685
Landon Masters, Thompson                      244-201-232—677
Vincent Shim, Hillcrest                              200-245-225—670
Jason (Cole) McCarty, Hewitt-Trussville   202-204-254—660

Dalton Tolgo, Sparkman                            253
Travis Hayes, Corner                                  252
Nathan Kim, Auburn                                  245
Cole Arsenault, Sparkman                         244
Landon Masters, Thompson                      244
Jacob Acker, Thompson                             280
Cole Arsenault, Sparkman                         253
Vincent Shim, Hillcrest                              245
Tanner Hayes, Corner                                236
Reese Merritt, Vestavia Hills                     233
Tommy Butler, Gadsden City                    233
Joe Renfro, Oak Mountain                        284
Jason (Cole) McCarty, Hewitt-Trussville   254
Austin Osburn, Mary Montgomery          247
Jacob Acker, Thompson                             237
Landon Masters, Thompson                      232
Joseph Collier, Sparkman                          232

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