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Media Credentials Request

School Credentials: Each school may designate one student as a school reporter, one student as a school photographer or videographer for each of these events, but deadlines must be met. In some instances, the school credential will be included in the playoff packets that are distributed. Deadlines must be met for applying for event credentials online and school principals must send confirmation by email by deadline to the person is representing the school.

Permanent Year-Long Credentials: Those receiving year-long permanent media credentials from the AHSAA will be permitted to cover any AHSAA post-season event with the ID. For state championship events, prior requests must be made on-line to reserve a spot in the press or photo area. Deadline for requesting is June 10. A photo is required for this credential (no hats or sunglasses). Submit the photo to:  ONLY FULL-TIME EMPLOYEES OF APPROVED MEDIA AFFILIATES OR REGULAR PART-TIME EMPLOYEES ARE ELIGIBLE FOR PERMANENT CREDENTIALS. The bearer must be covering an event. The permanent credential, good for 2019-20 only, is not transferable.
Media credentials must be requested on line through the AHSAA media credential request form below for the following state championship events (note deadlines).

July 15-19:
 At Montgomery – Deadline is Friday, July 12 (noon).


Oct. 17-19: Super Regional Volleyball Championships -- deadline, Sun., Oct. 13 (4 p.m.).
Oct. 30-31: State Volleyball Elite Eight State Championships -- deadline, Monday, Nov. 21 (noon).
Nov. 8, 15, 22, 29: Steve Football Playoffs event credential (good for first four rounds) -- deadline, Sunday, Nov. 3 (4 p.m.).
Nov. 29-30: State Swimming & Diving Championships -- deadline, Monday, Nov. 25 (noon).
Dec. 4-5-6: 
Super 7 State Football Championships (Auburn) -- deadline, Sunday, Dec. 1 (4 p.m.);
Super 7 Radio Broadcast Permission Requests -- deadline, Saturday, Nov. 30 (4 p.m.).
Dec. 14: Alabama-Mississippi All-Star Football Classic -- (At University of Southern Mississippi) – Credentials issued by Mississippi Association of Coaches (MAC) -

Jan. 23-24:
State Bowling Championships, Birmingham -- deadline, Monday, Jan. 20 (noon).
Jan. 24: Duals Wrestling Finals -- deadline, Monday, Jan. 20 (noon).
Jan. 31-Feb. 1: State Indoor Track Championships, Birmingham -- deadline, Sunday, Jan. 26 (noon).
Feb. 7-8: Super Sectional Wrestling Championships, Montgomery, Birmingham -- deadline, Sunday, Feb. 3 (4 p.m.)
Feb. 13-15:
State Wrestling Championships, Huntsville -- deadline, Monday, Feb. 10 (noon).
Feb. 12-20:
Regional Basketball Tournaments (all sites) -- deadline, Monday, Feb. 10 (noon).
Feb. 24-Feb. 29:
State Basketball Tournament -- deadline, Friday, Feb. 21 (NOON).
Mar. 13:
Alabama-Mississippi All-Star Basketball Classic, Jackson, MS --  Credentials issued by Mississippi Association of Coaches (MAC) -- Contact
Mar. 1: Alabama High School Sports Hall of Fame Banquet, Montgomery Renaissance Hotel & Convention Center -- deadline, Mar. 1 (noon).

April 6:
Bryant-Jordan Student Banquet, Birmingham – Contact Shelton Thompson,
April 20-21:
State Girls, Boys Tennis Championships, Decatur, Mobile, Montgomery -- deadline, Friday, April 17 (noon).
Apr. 30-May 2:
State Outdoor Track Championships, Gulf Shores, Cullman -- deadline, Monday, April 27 (noon).
May 7-9: State Soccer Final Four Tourney at Huntsville -- deadline, Monday, May 4, (noon)
May 7-9: Regional Softball Tournaments (North, North Central, South Central and South sites) -- deadline, Monday, May 4, (noon).
May 11-12: State Girls, Boys Golf Championships, TBA -- deadline, Tuesday, May 5, (noon).
May 11-12:
State Decathlon, Heptathlon Championships, TBA -- deadline, Friday, May 8 (noon).
May 11-16:
State Baseball Championship Series at Montgomery -- deadline, Sunday, May 10 (4 p.m.).
May 13-16: State Softball Tournament at Montgomery -- deadline, Monday, May 11 (noon).

July 13-17:
At Montgomery Deadline is Friday, July 10 (noon).

Other Playoff Events: AHSAA Permanent Credentials or a company identification are required for media admission to the section cross country meets, regional and sub-state volleyball championships, regional and sub-state golf and tennis championships, baseball playoffs (prior to finals), area and sub-regional basketball and softball tournaments, and first two soccer state playoff rounds, state decathlon championships.  All rules and regulations still apply, however.

 Any special provisions must be requested by contacting Ron Ingram at


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