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Monday, July 18th

Golf Tournament         1:00                                         Lagoon Park

Cookout                       6:30 - 8:00                               Pete Peterson Lodge

Friday, July 22nd

Open Registration                      8:00 -   2:00               Exhibit Hall Foyer

AHSAA Welcome                     9:00 -   9:05               Ballroom C & D

Speaker:  Greg Brewer

               AHSAA Director of Officials


General Session                                   9:05 – 10:10              Ballroom C & D

Moderator: Burkles Davis, AHSAA Football District Director

Speaker:  Jeff Triplette

               NFL Official

Topic:    “To Be Determined"


Informal Session:  AHSAA District Directors (AHSAA Topics of Interest) (Baseball, Track, Soccer & Softball)  10:10 - 11:25

Break Out Sessions (By Sport) 10:10 – 11:25            Wrestling – Tim Shields      Ballroom C & D

NCAA Wrestling Coordinator of Officials

                                                                                    Basketball – Joe Derosa    Exhibit Hall A

NCAA Men's Basketball Final Four Official

Topic: "To Be Determined"                                        Football – Bob Colgate        Exhibit Hall ??

NFHS Football Rules Editor

                                                                                    Volleyball – Mary Kylander         Ballroom E

National Volleyball Official & NCAA Conference Coordinator


Lunch and Equipment Expo    11:30 - 12:40                 (Own Your On)

General Session                                     12:45 - 1:50                 Ballroom C & D

Moderator: Mary Day, AHSAA Volleyball District Director

Speaker:  Leslie Claybrook

               Associate Commissioner of Southeastern Conference

Topic:     “To Be Determined"


Informal Session:  AHSAA District Directors (AHSAA Topics of Interest) (Basketball, Football, Volleyball & Wrestling)  1:50 - 2:55

Break Out Sessions (By Sport) 1:50 – 2:55              Baseball – Jeff Head      Ballroom C & D

SEC Baseball Umpire

                                                                                   Track – Houston Young  Exhibit Hall A

NCAA, USTAF Official & AHSAA State Meet Director

Topic: "To Be Determined"                                        Soccer – Rod Kenney      Exhibit Hall ??

NISOA National Assessor

                                                                                    Softball – Sandy Searcy         Ballroom E

NFHS Softball Rules Editor


General Session                                     3:00 - 4:05                 Ballroom C & D

Moderator: Johnny Robertson, AHSAA Basketball District Director

Speaker:  Pat Adams

               SEC Men's Basketball Official

Topic:     "To Be Determined"

Saturday, July 23rd


Officials Award Luncheon      11:30 am - 1:30 pm                 Ballroom A & B

Speaker:  Dana Pappas

               Assistant Director of New Mexico Athletic Association



AHSAA Officials Luncheon Historical Listing of Guest Speakers

2016 Dana Pappas Assistant Director of New Mexico Athletic Association

2015                Joe Dean, Jr.                            Athletic Director BSC and TV Sports Analyst

2014                Apple Kridakorn                      NCAA Women’s National Volleyball Official

2013                Bob Gardner                           NFHS Executive Director

2012                Debbie Williamson                 NCAA Women’s Basketball Coordinator of Officials

2011                Ronnie Baynes                                    NFL Officials Recruitment Coordinator

2010                Spence McCracken                 Retired High School Coach and Educator

2009                Barry Mano                             NASO and Referee Magazine President

2008                Brian Shulman                                    Former Auburn and NFL Punter

2007                Mary Day                                NCAA Women’s Final Four Basketball Official

2006                Ghary Akers                            State Department of Education (Retired)

2005                Dale Ford                                MLB Umpire Retired

2004                Dick Burleson                          SEC Football Official Retired

2003                Steve Shaw                              SEC Football Official

2002                Bob Kanaby                             NFHS Executive Director

                        John Clougherty                      NCAA Men’s Final Four Basketball Official

2001                Joan Powell                             NCAA Final Four Volleyball Official

2000                Bernie Saggau                         Executive Director, Iowa High School Athletic ASSN.

1999                Hank Nichols                           NCAA Men’s Basketball Coordinator of Officials

1998                Don Rutledge                          NCAA Men’s Final Four Basketball Official

1997                Barry Mano                             NASO and Referee Magazine President