Friday, April 03, 2020

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Revenue Sharing Program

Continued budget cuts in education have made sponsorship dollars more important than ever for Alabama’s schools and their student-athletes. Corporate Partner financial support has been instrumental in funding the AHSAA’s nationally renowned Revenue Sharing Program. 

The AHSAA has distributed $11.8 million among all AHSAA member high schools over the past seven (7) years. Thanks to AHSAA partners, each member high school annually receives a financial stipend.  Over the 2016-17 School Year, schools will receive over $2.0 million.  In this era of declining school budgets, this program has been instrumental in avoiding the complete elimination of many high school sports programs

The companies listed HERE provide substantial financial support annually to the AHSAA. Without the generous support from the AHSAA’s corporate partners, the Revenue Sharing Program would not be possible. The commitment and loyalty of these generous partners have helped the AHSAA forge a distinguished past and a promising future. 

The AHSAA encourages everyone to heavily consider doing business with the companies that are directly supporting Alabama’s young people.

Sponsorship Opportunities 

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